The Secrets to Home Bible Study Series

Welcome to PCM’s 3rd online series…designed to help you launch your own home Bible study! This free series was created and videoed for those of you who want to invite others to study the Word with you…but you just don’t know where to start. This four-part series originally came out in January 2017 and it’s fun, engaging and informative. You’ll hear from girls and women who attend home Bible studies AND from those who lead them as well.



 Study Guides:

We now have a study guide available for this series…with spaces for deeper study, fill-in-the-blanks, and places to begin planning your home Bible study. This resource is available for free download HERE


Promo Videos:


Part One: The Purpose of Bible Study

Part Two: The Person to Lead & A Prayer Foundation

Part Three: The Place, the People, & the Plan

Part Four: Preparing for the Work of God!

We can’t wait to hear about the Bible studies you are starting in your homes! Would you shoot us an email and tell us all about them? We’d love to be praying for you as you start and lead your groups.