I Have Enough

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“And Esau said, I have enough, my brother; keep that thou hast unto thyself.” Genesis 33:9

Forgiveness leads us to believe we have enough. Believing we have enough causes us to sense authentic gratitude. Authentic gratitude generates joy. So what creates an environment of forgiveness? The belief that we have enough.

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Jesus on the Cross…said Father forgive them for they don’t realize what they are doing…and then He said “it is finished” because He knew His sacrifice was enough.

Esau fell on Jacob’s neck and wept…he embraced his former “enemy-brother” and seeing all the entourage of Jacob’s company ask “what is all this?” Upon finding out it was Jacob’s way of pleading for mercy he says “I have enough”. This satisfied man came with a heart of forgiveness because mercy rejoices with truth and he had figured out the truth that he had more than he deserved!

Those in Scripture that lament in bitterness of soul are always the ones that feel they don’t have enough…not enough vineyards for Ahab…not enough babies for Hannah…not enough family for Naomi…not enough fruit trees for Eve…not enough loyalty for King Saul…each one focusing on what was missing instead of what was present in their lives.

How does “enough” affect us in our daily living? In our culture? In our aspirations? In our generations?
So is forgiveness paving the way for sensing His giving of enough or is sensing His grace of enough paving the way to forgive?

I am realizing day after day and as I look for gifts God gives out of mercy that I have this mountain terrain of expectations that loom over me. Like God owes me this relationship or that fruit in ministry or this answered prayer or that wonder filled day…and I climb from one precipice of disappointment to another. I am undone and exhausted at the days end and when forgiveness presents itself as an opportunity I fail to see it as a viable option for expedient living. I mean, after all, isn’t sincere forgiveness …forever and ever kind of forgiveness for the lionhearted Christ followers? The real giants of the faith? Sigh.

Enough. What compels a cup to deny any more water when it becomes full? What happens to fish nets that carry too many fish? Where does all the extra air go that we aren’t breathing? Who determines the enough level of our soul?

And whoever started the shouting match words ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!? Because I beg to differ about them meaning it!

Enough is when my soul agrees with the truth embedded deep down in my regenerated spirit (that part of me born again by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ). It’s when my spirit can override what my mind, will, emotions, and even my body tell it in weakness. Like getting “enough” sleep…enough affirmation…enough laundry done…enough time to think…enough heart to heart communication. The realization of enough is when I rehearse what I should get out of life by merit and compare it to what I have gotten out of life by the merciful kindness of the Almighty. Honestly, if we go on merit I am sunk and it’s over!

I have been reading through the book of Genesis. It just leaped at me today. The really hard question I have been asking Him tumbled out between the inspired words. Well, it’s hard to me anyway. “When is forgiveness conceived in us since we are too weak to make it happen in ourselves”? There was the answer in small print …sandwiched in a verse that could well swallow it up. It was just three little words that held on to a huge secret. A secret with the potential to thwart the enemy’s big gun artillery attack on me. I have enough. This is what it looks like if I emphasis it: I HAVE ENOUGH. Esau said those redemptive words having already forgiven his broken and repentant brother. But then a curious thing happens …just two verses after Esau proclaims enough Jacob also acknowledges enough. Jacob the deceiver who has met with God in the night…wrestled the angel…obtained a blessing he did not deserve says “God hath dealt graciously with me…I HAVE ENOUGH”.

Esau had to forgive his brother. Jacob had to forgive himself. Both spent years finding out that ultimately they both possessed enough. They both had more than they ever deserved….the grace of God imposing itself on their idolatrous hearts. It is an answer that I thank God for…it is an answer found at the Cross. It is finished. Enough is enough and we are the victors in Christ Jesus. Lord God, allow me to sit at Your feet and sense enough. Let me hear Your heart in the pages of Scripture and know You are enough. Forgive through me by allowing my heart to see You as enough.

Word art is all the rage these days. I think I will make my very own wall plaque…it will be bold and obvious and uniquely displayed. It will state simply and ornately these three powerfully true words:
I. H A V E. E N O U G H.

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