Polished Cornerstones Ministry Events


August 3rd-4th, 2018 (Friday-Saturday)

Fremont Community Church in Fremont, Indiana

Sample Retreat Schedule:

9am Doors open/Registration
10am Worship/Main Session
12noon Lunch
1:25pm Worship/Main Session
2:40pm Break/Book tables
3pm Break out Session #1
3:45pm Break/book table
4pm Break out Session #2
4:45pm Small group time
5:30pm Worship/Main Session
6:30pm Dismissal for Dinner/for the Day!

8:30am Doors Open/Book tables/Fellowship
9:00am Worship/Main Session
10:10am Break/book tables
10:30am Main Session
11:20am Bracelet time!
12noon Lunch
1pm Worship/Main Session
2:20pm Small group time
2:50pm Worship/Main Session
3:50pm Commissioning Time
4:30pm Dismissal to go and Be Brave!


This year, our events are geared for women of all ages and stages…from 12-years-old and up. All are welcome at the Lord’s Table! We are throwing open the doors to whoever is hungry and inviting YOU to join us regardless of your age or stage of life. This year we will be focusing on bridging the age gap with MENTORSHIP. Our main sessions will be for all age groups on subjects such as Missions, Biblical Womanhood, Real Friendship, Hospitality; and our Friday break-out sessions will have more age-appropriate topics such as Guy-Girl Relationships; Missions in your Backyard; Motherhood; Mentorship; and more! So grab a friend…an aunt…your grandma or mom and join us for this unforgettable Retreat as we dive into the Word together and discover what He says about Coming to His Table.

Theme 2014: “Do Hard Things” . Theme 2015: “Reflect the Son”. Theme 2016: “God Writes My Story”. Theme 2017: “Be Brave”

Theme 2018: “Come to His Table”

If you encounter any issues with PayPal, please email our support team with a brief message of your problem and they will be more than happy to help out!


Live your life as an Invitation to Jesus!



Would you like to be a Sponsor?

Sometimes we find girls who would LOVE to join us, but can’t afford their tickets…and that’s where friends of PCM like YOU come in! We are happy to introduce sponsorship opportunities this year. You can buy a ticket through our PayPal account…just put “Sponsorship” in the notes section and we will be sure to connect your ticket with a girl who needs one. (If you are paying by check, put “sponsorship” in the memo line).

If you’d like to sponsor a girl you know, please purchase a ticket and fill out a registration form. If you would like to do it anonymously, please contact us through the contact form or by emailing us at pcmforyoungladies@gmail.com and we will help you with that process.

Testimonies from PCM Events:

“Thank you for having the conference; I am glad I went. I really appreciated the commissioning at the end; it means a lot to me to be personally prayed over. ” -attendee (24 yrs. old)

“It was an awesome weekend!… I really appreciate that this conference is so focused on studying the Bible, learning from it and applying it’s truth into our lives.” attendee and Ambassador for PCM (14 yrs old)

“The small group time was definitely a highlight for this year’s conference.” -staff member

“Thank you so much for providing a retreat young ladies can go to feel refreshed in God’s Word and safe with their brothers and sisters in Christ!” -attendee (14 yrs.)

“When my daughter went to the Polished Cornerstone conference, she came back changed. She came home with Joy and a strong desire to pursue missions. These were true changes in her heart. She now loves to attend all Polished Cornerstone conferences.” -father of attendee

“This ministry has made me come alive….the conference may only last two days but the friends you make truly do last forever. Thank you for two years of joy and counting!” -attendee (15 yrs old)

“The conference was a good time of fellowship and evaluation on one’s walk with God. It gave a safe, encouraging, and yet challenging environment to grow in.” -attendee (24 yrs old)

“It has made my walk with Christ so much more of a relationship. I know who He is…. I love PCM!” -attendee (29 yrs old)