Our Story

In October 2010, a seed was planted in the heart of
22-year-old young woman, Faith Walker. As she was reading Scripture one
day, Revelation 3:8 leaped off the page. “Behold, I have set before thee an
open door, and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and
hast kept my word, and hast not denied my name.” At the time, Faith didn’t
understand the full meaning of this, but felt the stirrings of something
unknown in the future. She knew that something big was coming, even though
she didn’t know what.

By March of 2011, God had given three more rhemas to Faith through His Word
about what was on the horizon, though He had still not named it. One
passage was from Hosea 10:12, “Sow to yourselves in righteousness, reap in
mercy; break up your fallow ground: for it is time to seek the Lord, till
He come and rain righteousness upon you.” She knew this opportunity would
be a way of carrying out the Great Commission, but still searched for the
exact calling He was asking her to complete. God was moving in her heart,
helping her realize the needs of young women today. She saw the need for
positive support and encouragement to reach for higher goals. Goals, that
by the world’s standards are impossible for young ladies. She saw that our
world expects very little from our young people and on the
contrary, Scripture teaches age doesn’t limit a person’s ability to follow
Jesus whole-heartedly. She saw the hurt, the need for Godly mentors, and
the struggle to achieve beauty as defined by the world. Her heart ached to
help, but how?

After much waiting, listening, and prayer, God opened the door. In early
2013, Faith Walker was challenged by her father to stretch herself and
speak to a group of young ladies. It was far outside her comfort zone…but
after much encouragement and spiritual prodding from her parents, Faith
agreed. Frank Dame, head elder of a church in Northern Michigan jumped
into action. His church had several young ladies who were eager to be
mentored and they were ready for a series of meetings on Christian
womanhood. As she was studying and seeking God’s direction for this event,
she came across Psalm 144:12, “that our daughters may be as cornerstones,
polished after the similitude of a palace.” With the purpose of encouraging
and equipping daughters of the King to be women of the Word and to follow
the Great Commission as God calls them to in each corner of the world,
Polished Cornerstones Ministry was born.


Since then, God has raised up many Godly men and women to make this vision
a reality. Each staff member is a direct answer to prayer. The Board of
Directors help make important decisions based on Scripture. The incredible
prayer team is scattered all over America and regularly lift up the needs
of this ministry to ensure God’s protection, direction, and provision to
carry out this vision. Many people are involved with Polished Cornerstones
Ministry…from our regular staff to the wonderful ladies who volunteer to
help with meals at our retreats, each person is valued and prayed over.
All our staff donate their time, resources, and energies to make this
ministry possible. We all are a little part of the greater picture.
Together we make up a team of people dedicated to one goal…Equipping,
training, and supporting our sisters in Christ!

Polished Cornerstones Ministry hosts weekend retreats each summer, with
the goal of preparing young women to heed God’s call and stand up for
truth. In 2018 the Lord led us to throw open the door to women of all ages…so we now gear our events for women and teens in all stages of life. We
share times of testimony, worship, meals, and fellowship over the
weekend, making it an unforgettable time of growing and blessing!



PCM also encourages women to get involved with local Bible studies.  The ministry (through the website) organizes online Bible studies, and writes book reviews geared for young women.

We feel that God has called us to be a voice in the wilderness…crying out
to the women- young and old alike- of our day and preparing the way for the Holy Spirit to
work in lives all across our world. We are blessed to be used of the Lord
in this amazing journey. God’s faithfulness is evident as we serve Him and
we praise Him for using us to complete His plan. We are grateful for this