Polished Cornerstones Ministry Events


We are currently working on our 2018 Event schedule! Check back soon for our Retreat info!



July 28th-29th, 2017 (Friday-Saturday)

Saint Paul’s United Methodist Church in Montpelier, Ohio

PCM two-day Retreat with main speaker Liza Hartman!



June 24th-25th, 2016 (Friday-Saturday)
Highview Baptist Church in Bedford, Indiana
PCM two-day Retreat with guest speaker Erin Davis!
July 29th-30th, 2016 (Friday-Saturday)
Monroe Missionary Baptist Church in Monroe, Michigan
PCM two-day Retreat with guest speaker Liza Hartman!
August 27th, 2016 (Saturday)
Camden Missionary Church in Camden, Michigan
PCM one-day Gear Up! Conference with Kelli Williams



July 17-18, 2015 (Friday-Saturday)
Cambria Baptist Church in Hillsdale, Michigan
PCM two-day Retreat with guest speaker Paula Hendricks


Watch this short video about our PCM events for young women!


Sample Retreat Schedule:

9am Doors open/Registration
10am Worship/Main Session
12noon Lunch
1:25pm Worship/Main Session
2:40pm Break/Book tables
3pm Break out Session #1
3:45pm Break/book table
4pm Break out Session #2
4:45pm Small group time
5:30pm Worship/Main Session
6:30pm Dismissal for Dinner/for the Day!

8:30am Doors Open/Book tables/Fellowship
9:00am Worship/Main Session
10:10am Break/book tables
10:30am Main Session
11:20am Bracelet time!
12noon Lunch
1pm Worship/Main Session
2:20pm Small group time
2:50pm Worship/Main Session
3:50pm Commissioning Time
4:30pm Dismissal to go and Be Brave!

What is the difference between PCM’s two-day Retreats and the one-day Gear Up! Conference?

We would LOVE for all young ladies to be able to come to one of our two-day retreats…they are filled with wonderful sessions and each topic builds on another to make it an unforgettable weekend of meeting with Jesus. By the end of the weekend, the subjects go deeper…like forgiveness and bitterness. Our two-day retreats also give concentrated time to get to know new friends through our small groups and leaders. They typically start on a Friday morning and end right before dinner on Friday evening; then start again Saturday morning and go until late afternoon. At our PCM Retreats you’ll make your very own Polished Cornerstones bracelet as a reminder of your unique identity in Jesus. (More about these 16 promises on our Bible Study page. Check out the 16-Day Challenge). Filled with book reviews, creative projects, and small group times…you’ll want to attend one of these weekend Retreats!

Our Gear Up! Conference is a one-day get away with the Lord designed to get ready for the new school year, college year, or just a spiritual recharge for women in general. We focus on subjects like Identity in Christ, Relationships, Being a woman of the Word, and living a life of missions (wherever you are!). We also have fun book reviews, a creative project, lunch together and plenty of time to worship the Lord!


Our events are designed specifically for the needs of young ladies ages 12-29. However, we understand that some girls have to travel long distances and need to be brought by an adult woman. In the event that a mother, grandmother, or aunt needs to come, we happily welcome those ladies to our events. We also realize that some women or ladies WANT to join us for our events…and we never turn anyone down (so long as they meet the 12 years old and up requirement!). All moms, grandmas and aunts need to register same as girls because our space is limited. The price is the same (everyone gets the same conference materials, books, and food). Just mark your registration form with “mom” or “grandma” in the AGE line, so we know who is coming! For any more questions, please contact us.


Theme 2014: “Do Hard Things”

Theme 2015: “Reflect the Son”

Theme 2016: “God Writes My Story”

Theme 2017: “Be Brave”

Theme 2018: “Come to His Table”


We can’t wait to find out where God will take us this year and in 2018! Event dates coming very soon.

If you encounter any issues with PayPal, please email our support team with a brief message of your problem and they will be more than happy to help out!


Speakers for the Polished Cornerstones Retreat 2017…

Main Speaker: Liza Hartman


Liza Hartman spends her days as a graphic artist with Life Action Ministries and her evenings and weekends as an urban youth worker in South Bend. Her passion is to see a desperate world drawn to Christ through the beauty of the gospel and resurrected life of Christ in believers. She is happiest when around the dinner table with strangers and friends, drop-ins and drop-outs, underdogs and broken people seeking hope.

By far the most important thing about Liza is that she is treasured by Jesus. The greatest privilege of her life is sharing this Treasure with others.


Guest Speaker: Gospel for Asia Representative

Gospel For Asia

 Gospel for Asia is committed to serving the “least of these” in Asia, often in places where no one else is serving, so they can experience the love of God for the first time. GFA supports national workers serving as the hands and feet of Christ in four main ways. Sponsoring national missionaries to minister to people’s needs, sponsoring children, investing in community development and helping families in need of care or during disasters.



Guest Speaker: Kelli Williams


 Kelli is wife to a farmer and a mother to three active boys and two glory babies living in heaven. She has been a stay-at-home mom for eleven years and now has adventured into substitute teaching this year. Before coming a wife and mother, she graduated at Michigan State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science. From there, she worked as a credit analyst at an agricultural lending company. During college, she started a Bible study in her dorm room and has continued leading and studying the Bible…now in her home. Studying the Bible with a group of ladies keeps her accountable for getting into God’s Word daily, which she enjoys greatly. She and the Lord have a good, fun relationship which grows each day.


Guest Speaker: Janel Yoder


Her job description changes weekly but usually Janel spends her days building forts, kissing boo-boos, counting chin-ups, making snacks, finding places to hang wet swimsuits, making snacks, reading books, playing referee, and making more snacks. She has been married to Brian for 13 years. Three sons and one spunky little daughter mean “bored” isn’t a part of her vocabulary. As her children have grown, she has become increasingly aware of her desperate need for the wisdom of God. A grateful recipient of His mercy and grace, Janel is in awe of the Word of God and how the beautiful story of the Gospel gives hope, meaning, purpose and direction for each challenge she faces. One of her greatest delights is sharing this hope with others.


Worship Leader: Caresse Boyer


Caresse Boyers is excited to be a part of the 2017 PCM Retreat! She is from northwest Ohio where she has been blessed to serve in her local church’s music and youth ministries. Worshiping God through music is one of her passions and she loves to worship with fellow believers and see hearts changed by the power of the Gospel. She maintains a busy studio of piano, harp, and vocal students, and is a Harp School, Inc. affiliate teacher. She holds advanced degrees in harp and piano from ABRSM and is in demand as a solo performer and accompanist. In her free time she enjoys sipping coffee with friends, bird watching, reading good books, gardening, and spending time with her little flock of birds.


Topics at our events include: Getting into the Word; Standing up and Standing out; True Beauty; Being a World-Changer; Building Strong Relationships; Missions in Your Youth; Going All In for Jesus; and Forgiveness!


Would you like to be a Sponsor?

Sometimes we find girls who would LOVE to join us, but can’t afford their tickets…and that’s where friends of PCM like YOU come in! We are happy to introduce sponsorship opportunities this year. You can buy a ticket through our PayPal account…just put “Sponsorship” in the notes section and we will be sure to connect your ticket with a girl who needs one. (If you are paying by check, put “sponsorship” in the memo line).

If you’d like to sponsor a girl you know, please purchase a ticket and fill out a registration form. If you would like to do it anonymously, please contact us through the contact form or by emailing us at pcmforyoungladies@gmail.com and we will help you with that process.


Testimonies from PCM Events:

“Thank you for having the conference; I am glad I went. I really appreciated the commissioning at the end; it means a lot to me to be personally prayed over. ” -attendee (24 yrs. old)

“It was an awesome weekend!… I really appreciate that this conference is so focused on studying the Bible, learning from it and applying it’s truth into our lives.” attendee and Ambassador for PCM (14 yrs old)

“The small group time was definitely a highlight for this year’s conference.” -staff member

“Thank you so much for providing a retreat young ladies can go to feel refreshed in God’s Word and safe with their brothers and sisters in Christ!” -attendee (14 yrs.)

“Thank you for allowing me to be apart of this.” -staff member

“When my daughter went to the Polished Cornerstone conference, she came back changed. She came home with Joy and a strong desire to pursue missions. These were true changes in her heart. She now loves to attend all Polished Cornerstone conferences.” -father of attendee

“This ministry has made me come alive….the conference may only last two days but the friends you make truly do last forever. Thank you for two years of joy and counting!” -attendee (15 yrs old)

“The conference was a good time of fellowship and evaluation on one’s walk with God. It gave a safe, encouraging, and yet challenging environment to grow in.” -attendee (24 yrs old)

“I have seen God work in my life [through the conference].” -attendee (15 yrs old)

“It has made my walk with Christ so much more of a relationship. I know who He is…. I love PCM!” -attendee (29 yrs old)

“Attending the PCM conference was a positive experience for my daughter. There was a sweet spirit among the girls and everything was so relevant to her life. I liked the things she has been taught at home to be reinforced. It is definitely a time of encouragement.” -mother of attendee

“I wanted to tell you how much I love my bracelet from PCM. I wear it a lot and am asked about it often. It gives me a chance to talk about how faithful God has been, the bead meanings, and about the ministry.” -mother of attendee